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  • We provide counselling services to companies and employees in connection with personal and pyschosocial issues and problems.
  • We improve the performance levels and well-being of people at the workplace.
  • We think and act in an entrepreneurial manner and generate benefits.

Market Strategy

  • We are the Swiss quality and market leader for external social counselling in a workplace context.
  • We strengthen our national presence at existing central locations through growth.
  • Thanks to innovations and collaborations, we generate additional client benefits and tap into new markets.

Clients and Products

  • Our clients are companies and institutions and their employees.
  • For each business field, we define areas of expertise, appoint our service providers and apply a system of active knowledge management with the objective of maximising client benefits.
  • In our core business – workplace social counselling – we launch new, clearly differentiated products which are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Basic Principles

  • We adopt a humanistic view of people and are committed to a social-liberal economic order.
  • Our conduct is based on the ethical and professional principles and obligations of social work (code of ethics).

Counselling Philosophy

  • The main features of our counselling are its focus on the individual task at hand and its target-based nature.
  • Our approach to counselling is systemic, resource-oriented and solution-focused.
  • Our counselling is based on voluntary participation.
  • Our counsellors maintain professional confidentiality and handle information on clients as highly sensitive data.


  • Our employees hold a degree from a university of applied sciences, boast first-class practical references and have a mature personality.
  • We support the development of our employees in a targeted and systematic manner and ensure that they have access to outstanding further training opportunities.
  • We promote the financial participation of employees in our company, enable them to share in our success and involve them in issues of fundamental importance for the firm.
  • We encourage our staff to take personal responsibility in terms of utilisation and turnover.


  • Our management activities are shaped by the principle of target agreements.
  • Each business area / region forms an independent and profitable organisational unit.
  • We ensure simple administrative processes.
  • We communicate actively and create transparency. A good feedback culture is important to us.