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Michaelis_Diana_E0B5152_b_webCounsellor, graduate social worker (FH)

Diana Michaelis is a graduate social worker (FH). She worked in the area of self-help for 13 years, a time during which she was able to provide counselling on various topics to people with psychological, somatic and physical impairments. In performing this work, emphasis was always placed on empowerment. In addition to individual psychosocial counselling sessions, she has also coached a large number of groups. Diana Michaelis is a qualified practical instructor. She has competed training as an art therapist and has also worked at a neuropsychological practice to reintegrate people back into the world of work following accidents. She has also completed further training in the area of systemic-based and solution-focused counselling as well as in other fields. She has been working at Movis AG since January 2013.