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Hanspeter RohrerRegional Head & Member of the Executive Board | MAS in Business Management

Hanspeter Rohrer is a graduate social worker (FH) with wide-reaching and long-standing experience in a variety of fields of social work. He held consecutive roles at an association providing probationary services and rehabilitation aid for ex-prisoners and at a church aid organisation as a specialist advisor for social welfare work and as a project manager for the workplace integration of the long-time unemployed. He subsequently developed a pioneering project in the area of participatory urban development aimed at promoting a culture of dialogue. He managed the project for several years as managing director. Before moving to Movis, he worked at a large housing cooperative, heading up the specialist department for social and cultural affairs. Since July 2013, Hanspeter Rohrer has worked at Movis AG as the Regional Head of the Basel/Northwestern Switzerland region.