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Mission – what we do

    We promote the development of a healthy and positive working and living environment that equally benefits companies, their managers and employees.

    We support employers in their duty of care by developing solutions with the involvement of all parties that enables participation and integration in the world of work.

    In addition to our well renowned services in the psychosocial field, we recognise specific needs and create innovative support services that contribute to the well-being of employees and thus to the success of the customer company.

Values – what we stand for

    We uphold the maxims of integrity, autonomy and self-determination.

    We enable people in the world of work to find solutions. Our work is based on the trust we gain by acting in a transparent manner and by protecting personal privacy.

    We value and promote the variety and diversity of opinions and ways of life in equal measure.

Company – who we are

    We combine entrepreneurial thinking with our social services and act in an economically responsible manner.

    Our company has a long-standing history of working in the area of Employee Assistance Program.

    We act independently, have regional roots and place the interests of people in their working and living environment at the heart of our actions.

Employees – how we work

    Our cooperation is characterised by mutual respect, openness and appreciation as well as the joy of exchanging ideas, knowledge and experiences.

    The recommendations we give to our customer companies also shape our own actions.

    We fulfil our tasks in a self-responsible and accountable manner. As co-owners we take joint responsibility in achieving our company’s objectives.