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Case Management

The objective of case management is to restore performance levels, reintegrate employees within the workplace and avoid situations in which employees are classified as disabled. Our program adopts a specific approach aimed at the coordinated handling of complex issues.

The Movis Integrated Model

The concept behind the Movis integrated model works to prevent duplications and unclear interfaces in the areas of employee assistance, case management, job coaching and health management. It is based on the screening and triage processes at absence meetings and takes account of all involved parties. The measures are not adapted to a possible offer or the individual interests of those involved, but rather the specific requirements of the process as a whole. Despite the highly complex nature of the cases, the integrated model allows for optimal cooperation with the companies and insurers involved.

Benefits of the Integrated Model:

  • Proximity to the company
  • Individual processes and control options
  • Overall view
  • Reduced level of complexity
  • Added value for employees
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Reduction in non-wage labour costs
  • Use of partners’ strengths
  • Avoidance of duplications