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Health Management

Movis supports you in reviewing and optimising the health-relevant structures and processes within your company. We recommend practical measures that are individually tailored to your company, allowing you to improve, maintain and, where necessary, restore the health and well-being of your employees. After all, only healthy employees work in an efficient, committed and motivated manner.

Focus on Absence Management

The topic of absences is one of great economic and social significance for companies and organisations:

  • Additional costs (direct and indirect)
  • Reduced productivity
  • A tetchy working environment
  • Can lead to teams being subjected to additional strain

Absence Management deals with the systematic handling of absences right up to the reintegration of employees at the workplace. The objective is to avoid short- and long-term absences and thus reduce the associated costs – to the benefit of all those involved.

Reasons for Health Management

Illness – and not accidents – as the primary cost pool.
Companies successfully invest in accident prevention. However, more than 80% of absence-related costs arise as a result of illness. It therefore makes sense not only to invest in the prevention of accidents, but also in measures aimed at preventing illness and promoting the health of your employees. This is an area of significant economic potential.

Lacking awareness of overall costs

  • The economic consequences of illness and disability cannot be passed on to the income protection insurance or pension fund. A poor claims history increases your insurance premiums in this segment.
  • In particular, the indirect costs of accidents and illness (production downtime, re-planning measures, administrative expenses, searching for and training replacement staff, additionally burdened teams, etc.) are significantly underestimated or neglected completely.