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Movis AG is a specialised counselling firm which is active in the areas of employee assistance programs, case management, job coaching, workplace health management and job coaching. Thanks to our many years of activity in these areas, we have built up a great deal of expertise. Such knowledge can be of great economic and social importance for organisations and companies. We share our knowledge and experience in specially designed training courses on various psychosocial issues.

Knowledge is imparted as part of interactive training sessions which provide opportunities for a transfer of theories and practical experiences. Participants acquire expertise and strengthen their competence.

Keynote Speeches

In addition to the Movis training, you can also take advantage of 30- to 60-minute keynote speeches. These acquaint your employees with special topics and provide them with important information.

Movis Training

Thanks to our long-standing experience in working with line managers, employees and HR managers at a variety of companies, Movis boasts a great deal of specialist and practical knowledge in connection with social issues in a workplace context. We would be delighted to share our knowledge and experience with you!

Each of our training courses includes a theory-based component. Although you are provided with specialist knowledge during this section, emphasis is always placed on transferring what you learn to real-life scenarios. You are thus able to acquire know-how and at the same time strengthen your level of competence in performing your day-to-day work.

We offer the following subjects:

Handling stress

Stress is an everyday term in modern society and an issue that needs to be taken seriously at the workplace. It is therefore important to know what stress is, how it comes about and what short- and long-term coping strategies and prevention options are available. This is true both at a personal and workplace level. The objective of this training course is to allow participants to actively address their personal situation and thus improve their level of competence. In the case of line managers, the focus of the training session can be shifted to the role of managers.

Duration: half or full day
Target group: employees and/or line managers

Preparing for retirement

To allow your employees to approach their retirement years with piece of mind, it pays off to make arrangements for this life phase in good time. This doesn’t only include financial protection – ensuring employees are emotionally prepared is equally as important. During this training course, participants are provided with the most important information on financial issues. They also learn how to deal with a variety of aspects linked to the impending change in their lives (e.g. leaving the world of work, health issues) and how to make appropriate use of their remaining time at the company. The training course is aimed at employees who are around two years away from retirement as well as staff members who require help in making decisions concerning early retirement.

Duration: one to three days
Target group: employees from all levels

Absence Management

Absences are of great economic and social importance for companies. The consequences include additional costs, reduced productivity, dissatisfied employees and greater strain being placed on teams. During this training course, you learn about the cost of absences at your company as well as how you can optimise your firm’s absence-related processes and thus reduce the associated expense.

Duration: half a day to four days
Target group: line managers and HR managers

Holding absence talks

Our experience has shown that holding absence talks is a management task which many line managers find difficult. There are a variety of reasons for this, including a lack of time for such meetings as part of daily business. A further issue can be that absence talks can often invade the employee’s privacy and hit upon “delicate” issues. This training course supports you in holding absence talks in a solution-focused and confident manner, thus ensuring the provision of exemplary and efficient employee support. As a result, you will be able to identify serious health problems of your employees at an early stage, enabling you to proactively initiate important steps for improving the situation for everybody involved (employees, team and management).

Duration: half to full day
Target group: line managers

'Protection of personal integrity' training course for company employees in positions of trust

Employers do not only have an interest in ensuring that their employees can perform their tasks in a good working environment. Instead, they are also responsible for preserving their dignity and protecting them against discrimination at the workplace. This obligation is based on the legislation of the Swiss Code of Obligations as well as the Employment Act and the Equality Act. The training course prepares company employees in positions of trust on how to provide employees affected by bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination or violence with confidential and competent support.

Duration: half to full day
Target group: company employees in positions of trust and HR managers

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We offer all courses in German and French. English courses are available on request.