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Case Management certificate course

The Case Management certificate course is aimed at a broad-based target group of specialists active in the fields of social work, workplace reintegration as well as insurance and healthcare. The objective is to improve the expertise of participants in the areas of case management, system management and inter-institutional cooperation. Ultimately, more effective case management benefits clients as well as those paying for and providing the relevant services in equal measure.
Whether workplace social counselling or professional reintegration – Movis has long-standing, wide-ranging and, above all, practical experience in connection with case management processes. In recent years, the FHS St. Gallen has specialised in the analysis and modulation of case processes with a high level of complexity, focussing its research and advisory activities on these areas. This organisation-specific background knowledge and experience has been incorporated in the jointly developed Case Management certificate course.
Further information on the course structure as well as the registration and acceptance process can be found in the following course description:

Additional information in this regard can be found on the FHS St.Gallen website: Click here!