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Case management supports you in returning to work after an illness or an accident. Your employer or insurance provider has registered you for case management with Movis so that you can count on professional support.

You can find key information about case management here:

What does case management by Movis offer?

Case management should provide support for your return to work after a long period of inability to work. Since there are generally various actors (doctors, insurance providers, employer) involved in this, it is important that your situation is considered as a whole – so that the resumption of work activities can be individually structured.

How does the case manager work?

In case management, the focus is on you. We discuss your current situation together with you and look for routes which are promising for the resumption of work activities. Further steps are planned in collaboration with your employer. Case management includes:

  • Planning of medical and therapeutic measures (rehabilitation)
  • Coordination of communication between various partners
    (doctors, superiors, HR department, insurance providers, etc.)
  • Planning and supervision of the reintegration phase
  • Planning of adaptations to the workplace
  • Support in negotiations/correspondence with insurance providers
  • What is your employer’s role?

    During the course of reintegration, your employer’s willingness to seek viable solutions is required. This includes redistribution of the workload, the search for adjusted working activity, or even for ways to temporarily bridge the gap, for example. Your employer will get advice and support in this from the case managers. The goal is to iron out any uncertainties which occur and thus facilitate a successful return to the workplace.

    How long does case management last?

    The duration of case management is determined in consultation with the employer.

    Who pays for case management?

    Case management is commissioned and financed by your employer, by the accident or daily benefit insurance provider, or by other insurance providers.

    How to reach us

    You can reach us over the phone on +41 848 270 270 or by email at info(at)movis.ch. You can find us at 25 locations across Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein. If you are not able to make a scheduled appointment, we request that you let us know 24 hours in advance at the latest.

    Your questions and feedback for Movis

    If you are not able to understand your case manager’s statements or actions or would like to query them – please speak directly to them. If you don’t want to contact your case manager directly for questions, criticism, or other feedback, then the Movis management will be happy to help.

    Handling of personal data

    Movis places great value on the careful handling of personal data. Processing of the data is done strictly in accordance with the data protection provisions. For case management, Movis is accountable to the employer. We therefore require your consent for Movis to exchange information with your employer, with insurance providers, with the attending physician, and with other departments involved. In the event of danger to yourself or others, the case manager will bring in third parties in order counteract this danger. Your case management is recorded for case management, invoicing, and for impersonal statistical surveys. You can personally gain access to your files upon request.