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Job coaching provides support in the workplace in the event of health limitations or upon returning to your day-to-day working life. We work together with you to develop the concrete objectives of the coaching. Job coaching helps you and your employer to identify what supports your ability to work and how obstacles be removed.

You can find key information about job coaching here:

What is job coaching?

Through job coaching, you get support in your workplace in the event of health limitations. We support you in returning to your day-to-day working life after a (partial) absence. The coaching is individually designed and can include the following points:

  • Regular coaching and customised training in the workplace
  • Coaching and advice for the employer
  • Development of resilience and the ability to work and perform
  • Professional reorientation and job application coaching
  • Coaching and advice on professional, personal, financial, or health topics

How does the job coach work?

The coach works together with you to plan a successful return to work or how your ability to work and perform can be developed step by step. Regular coaching sessions take site at the Movis AG premises and/or on the employer’s premises. In order to become familiar with and record your working situation, the job coach may also visit you in your workplace.

How long does job coaching last?

The duration of job coaching is determined in consultation with the employer, it generally lasts for 6 months.

Who pays for job coaching?

Job coaching is commissioned and financed by your employer, by the disability insurance provider, or by the accident or daily benefit insurance provider.

How to reach us

You can reach us over the phone on +41 848 270 270 or by email at info(at)movis.ch. You can find us at 25 locations across Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein. If you are not able to make a scheduled appointment, we request that you let us know 24 hours in advance at the latest.

Your questions and feedback for Movis

If you are not able to understand your job coach’s statements or actions or would like to query them – please speak directly to them. If you don’t want to contact your job coach directly for questions, criticism, or other feedback, then the Movis management will be happy to help.

Handling of personal data

Movis places great value on the careful handling of personal data. Processing of the data is done strictly in accordance with the data protection provisions. For job coaching, Movis is accountable to the employer. We therefore require your consent for Movis to exchange information with your employer, with insurance providers, with your attending physician, and with other departments involved. In the event of danger to yourself or others, the job coach will bring in third parties in order counteract this danger. The job coaching is recorded for case management, invoicing, and for impersonal statistical surveys. You can personally gain access to your files upon request.