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Job Coaching

Job Coaching aims to quickly and sustainably restore the performance levels of those suffering from a mental illness. Our program is based on the successful concept of supported employment. The model’s motto is “first place, then train”.

Content of Job Coaching:

  • Assessment
  • Providing counselling and support to clients at the workplace and in individual counselling sessions
  • Providing specific counselling to the team and line managers
  • Coordination with insurance companies as well as the doctors and therapists providing treatment
  • Review of workplace and work content, incl. possible adjustments
  • Gradual reintegration to the workplace
  • Progress meetings
  • Reporting

Tripartite cooperation

The model governs the tripartite cooperation between companies, Movis and the cantonal disability insurance (IV) offices. The cooperation aims to facilitate the rapid professional reintegration of long-time absentees or employees facing the prospect of being classified as disabled.

Job Coaching process:

  1. Screening as part of absence management
  2. Registration
  3. Initial discussion / situational analysis as part of the employee assistance program
  4. Application for job coaching
  5. Commitment to assume costs
  6. Counselling and support
  7. Conclusion of case
  8. Possible follow-up support as part of employee assistance program